As far as short-term goals are concerned, priority number one is graduating on time in May 2023. In tandem with the process for that goal, I want to simultaneously find a job before graduation in some sort of management or marketing program. Following graduation and obtaining a job, I would like to have my student loans paid off on time with the five-year payment plan that I have already set up. In terms of types of jobs that I am interested in, I would like to eventually work for a company within the sports world, or work for a government institution like the FBI or CIA.  

Some long term goals that I have I also would like to become successful enough to be my own boss and create my own schedule, while also becoming financially secure enough to support myself and my family. A couple of other long-term goals I have are to own multiple properties, like my parents currently do, for both economic and leisure reasons. Assuming the ‘normal’ retirement age is still 65, I would like to be able to retire at that age or prior to turning 65 so long as I am financially able to.