For my sampling methods, I plan on identifying the five most popular resorts on five different Caribbean islands.. To pick the five different destinations, I will use non random purposive sampling. I will use a website titled Caribbean & Co which has a ranking the most popular Caribbean tourist destinations based on statistics from 2021. Once I have selected my five destinations, I will use TripAdvisor to find the most popular resorts on each island to find the websites.

From there, I will access the gallery of each website and pick the photos for my content analysis with non random convenience sampling. I will be taking the first two to four photos from each gallery that have identifiable people in them. This means that the people are in the foreground of the photo, rather than scattered in a tiny background. I make this distinction because a large view photo of many people that are relatively small to the size of the photo will be unobservable of expression and perhaps skin tone as well. With the people being the main focus of the photo, it will allow me to better see how the company is portraying the people within their business

Research Methods

For the primary research within my project, I will be conducting a content analysis of resort websites located in the Caribbean. I plan on looking at five different resort websites each from five different nations that are up to date with the present day. I will be using the website’s gallery of photos to observe only the ones that have people in them. From each website, two to four pictures will be taken for observation depending on the availability of each gallery. This will contribute between 50 and 100 pieces of content that will be available for reviewing.


The quantitative part of my research will contain how many times guests or workers are portrayed, as well as how many people portrayed are white or people of color. This will allow me to contrive themes within the advertising of the hotels that allow for a deeper understanding of who their marketing is towards and how they want to portray their service with the depiction of their workers. Everything mentioned so far will be the basic analysis of my research.


The qualitative analysis will begin the interpretive analysis of my content and will be conducted through observing the different kinds of actions that are ongoing within the pictures. In addition, the analysis of perceived emotion within each photo through facial expression and body language will allow me to identify themes that the company makes.